Friday, September 9, 2010

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Create-A-Book Baltimore and TAKE ACTION! Publishing celebrate National Literacy Month with release of new book!

National - Lynn Pinder, the founder and owner of Create-A-Book Baltimore and TAKE ACTION! Publishing, is pleased to announce the pre-release of her second book, Daily Inspirations for Adult Learners: 31 Days of Prayer, Encouragement and Personal Reflection to Help You Achieve Academic Success!

The book scheduled for release toward the end of National Literacy Month (September) is an excellent resource for adults who have made the courageous decision to pursue a higher education. Whether a loved one is going for a GED, a professional license or a Bachelor's degree, this book will help them focus their convictions and build their determination to pursue their academic dreams. The book offers a different inspiration for each day of the month and suggests action steps that help adult learners achieve academic success.

"I wrote this book with adult learners in mind. Oftentimes, we forget that many of them are parents. Children are a product of their parents. If we help adult learners achieve academic success, then we automatically end up helping the children in their lives because these adults have the power and motivation to create a positive learning environment for themselves and their families. A lot of faith and a little encouragement can go along way in helping adults stay focused and motivated in this process," said Lynn Pinder.

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